salerio automates the post-execution trade process by providing an exceptions based, end to end solution that covers trade confirmation, trade settlement and trade settlement tracking.

It is built to enable users full control of trade data to manage and mitigate settlement risk via its central exceptions management hub that provides mission critical capabilities to manage trade processing quickly, accurately and efficiently. Irrespective of asset class, all exceptions are displayed within the same user interface, removing the need for multiple systems and/or workstations. salerio integrates seamlessly with Omgeo CTM, Omgeo Oasys, Omgeo TradeSuite and SWIFT so it is able to manage efficiently all processing exceptions across multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and money markets.

The attention of users is now focused only on managing exceptions, and with the right options and controls to hand, potential issues can be efficiently identified and resolved quickly, with full visibility, no matter the trade volumes. By taking this approach salerio alleviates the normal processing complexity that too often blunts overall post trade effectiveness and makes scaling operations much easier by removing bottlenecks.

expect more

We believe salerio goes further than other post-trade alternatives, having elevated the mitigation of settlement risk as its core competency.  We believe this should be the primary purpose of implementing any post-trade system.

The costs (real and reputational) of settlement going wrong or not being completed correctly cannot be underestimated. Having the tools to complete the mechanics of matching and settlement is one thing, having a comprehensive solution that proactively elevates and then manages settlement risk fully is quite another.

Our settlement tracking capabilities track the settlement status of trades until physical settlement occurs by importing trade status updates directly from custodians so users are able to monitor pre-matching issues and failed trades. At a glance, the operations manager can view the real-time position of the day’s activity. salerio is built to manage any problem quickly, accurately and simply while leaving a dependable audit trail. 

a standard model

salerio is built on a standard model principle with all functionality available to our entire client base. That means that all developments, enhancements and updates are merged into our standard model enabling all clients to benefit from our on-going innovation.

Our standard model enables fast implementation times; done in a matter of weeks  for a standard installation, with predictable, low risk integration and minimised people costs. This enables fixed price implementations without the risk of long running projects associated with solutions that have to be built or heavily configured before they reach a production state. 

proven not to miss a beat

salerio has been deployed successfully as a central component in many client environments through the years - whether asset management, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds or outsourced service providers, some are amongst the largest organisations in their respective market segments.

Our customers tell us salerio works right, every time, always keeping them in control.