corfinancial provides software and advice to the financial services sector around the world. Our clients rely upon our products and advisory services to run key parts of their operations and solve some of the critical business problems they contend with every day.

We are headquartered in London and from our offices in Boston and New York, we serve banking and financial services organisations across the UK, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. Our software products and advice make a key difference to client front, back and middle offices.

doing things differently, doing things better

Not all software products are built the same. Neither are all software or advisory companies.

We have thought long and hard about who we are, what we do and how we get things done. We have not sought to emulate the herd.

the right people to solve difficult and complex problems

We have built our products on people who have the deepest expertise and industry experience. We do not build products that are broad and general in terms of functionality. Good enough is not a phrase in our lexicon.

Rather, we have chosen specific problems that require specialist thinking or whose resolution truly needs a fresh approach if they are to be solved fully. These are the sorts of qualities that shine through in our products, our insights and our advice. Quite simply, none of our products would offer the innovation and breakthrough capabilities if they were not built and engineered by the very best people.

not having to accept trade-offs

  • Your business has many objectives: operational execution, cost effectiveness, service improvement, revenue generation and compliance. Sometimes these outcomes can appear to be at odds. Yet, why should:
  • it not be possible to achieve service improvement and lower operational costs?
  • revenue generation have to be compromised by compliance or regulatory requirements?
    cost-cutting mean less reach in distribution and a reduced customer experience?

We are not willing to accept what we regard as false choice trade-offs. Our products and approach are designed to eliminate these sorts of compromises. For us, we work to avoid choosing one objective or the other but rather to deliver that objective and the other as well.

agile, flexible ... consistent and repeatable

There are many complexities, subtleties and nuances you are required to navigate to meet your business, regulatory or operational objectives. To complicate matters further, you have to contend with the unknowns that can hit at any time. Our products allow you to build your business response and architecture to meet your particular circumstances, which we know will not be the same as everyone else. Your differentiators can be embedded successfully into our products and give you the edge.

Our approach is different from many of the end-to-end software suites that are available. We do not look to spread product functionality too thinly by trying to cover all the domain areas across your business landscape and wrap them up in a group of loosely fitting modules; nor do we try to straight-jacket your processes or outcomes into one way of doing things. Doing everything on one system can be alluring but can often frustrate and hinder your ability to succeed. A jack-of-all-trades is often a master of none.

Our product strategy is to build the best tool to get the job done right and then integrate seamlessly with the other best products and industry standards in the marketplace.

promises made, promises kept

We take time before we say “yes”. We really want to make sure that we have understood all your requirements before offering our proposed solution; that together we understand all the issues and risks and have an agreed plan to deliver that we both believe works. We think straight and talk straight in everything we do.

Simply put, this means that a promise made is a promise kept. That promise is kept because the people you deal with during our sales cycle are the exact same people who will deliver the project. There is no sales team that over hype the expected deliverables and a delivery team that cannot possibly match those expectations.

In those rare situations where do not hit the mark, then we do not stop until we have remedied those fully.

the right attitude

If our clients are asked why they work with us, and why they continue to work with us, they are typically heard to say “because they know what you are talking about”, “they listen to what we need”, “they get things done”, “they do not stop until it is right”, and “they are honest and straight forward in their dealings”.

We are unashamedly obsessed with helping our clients succeed. Their success drives our business forward and allows us to build even better products. That is why we get up in the morning.

We would be pleased to tell you more and find out how we might help you.