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Supporting £4 billion AuM

One system to manage all your investment administration

what market problems does Costars solve?

Administering third party products has become difficult over recent years

Changes to legislation and competitive pressures have altered both the economics and regulations associated with product distribution, risk management, compliance and financial control.

Costars can give you the agility and flexibility you need to respond quickly to regulators, customers and the marketplace, whilst giving you the confidence and control you need to run your investment sales operations successfully.

what Costars does

Costars is a fully integrated investment administration platform for: third party administrators; fund supermarkets; wealth management providers; building and friendly societies; and retail banks

Costars automates and improves client servicing, sales-channel uptake and the adoption of new products.

It offers a complete suite of asset, product and charge management capabilities that are designed to work together seamlessly. Costars lowers the operational costs and complexities of administering collective investments, equities, unit trusts and all cash instruments.

Separate modules are available to administer Unit Trusts, Fund Supermarkets and Equities, providing comprehensive fund administration, dealing administration and client servicing right into the general ledger and payment processing.

Dealing and registration facilities are available for the following instrument and asset types:

  • Unit trusts
  • Investment trusts
  • OEICs
  • Equities
  • Cash funds and cash deposits
  • Fixed rate bonds

These instrument types are packaged into portfolios, whether wrapped or unwrapped and are available across varying distribution channels:

  • Direct
  • Open architecture platform
  • IFA
  • Sales network
  • Nominee
  • Institutional clients

Export any data for reporting flexibility

Extensive interfaces

Extensive interfaces and data extracts which can feed into the client’s existing internal systems such as Management Information/General Ledger.


Data-rich extracts so the business has all the data at hand to utilise as they see fit.

Regulatory extracts

Full regulatory extracts and reporting.


API can be utilised to extract client data for further processing.

key benefits

Automation, flexibility and control


Proven workflow and automation helps you easily run successful investment sales operations.


High flexibility to respond quickly to regulators, customers and markets.

Multiple channels

Enables multiple sales distribution channels and integrates into general ledger and payment processing systems.


Complete control of investment cycle.

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