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Managing Client Portfolio Risk

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Construct, analyse, monitor and report on client portfolios. Utilised by private wealth managers, investment advisors and quant teams around the world

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why you need BITA Wealth

Risk oversight and management, front office efficiency, scalability and control are today’s challenges

BITA Wealth gives wealth managers and advisors the tools they need to develop and grow their businesses in a consistent and controlled way. It brings insight and transparency to the investment process within a market leading suitability framework, transforming the efficiency of your business and raising your game.

BITA Wealth brings proven value to wealth management firms, broker-dealers, private banks, trust companies and family offices.

Here are the six key challenges facing wealth managers and how BITA Wealth can help.

Enterprise risk monitoring and oversight

All portfolios are checked every night against mandate, model and the firm’s investment policy.

Choose from over 40 portfolio metrics, covering risk, allocation, construction, performance and concentration. These are checked pre- and post-trade with a full exception management process and oversight reporting

This helps meet Suitability, MIFID 2 and REG-9 requirements, providing peace of mind that your firm is compliant.


Suitability, sales and success

Uniquely, BITA Wealth’s client suitability questionnaire looks at multiple factors when building the client profile and matching it to your firm’s investment proposition.

The profile leads to an investment proposal comparing the prospect’s portfolio to your proposed portfolio, with risk analytics and stress testing comparisons.

The questionnaire educates and captures attitude to risk, need for risk, capacity for risk, detailed objectives, ESG preferences, restrictions, knowledge and experience.


Portfolio analysis and investment narrative

Our portfolio analytics help build the investment narrative, demonstrating your investment approach and explaining it through risk measures, macro factor and style exposures, ESG and sustainable factors and sector and geographical analysis.

All analytics are available on current portfolios, what-if modelling, model management and held away assets (in each case on direct and look through assets). Many of these can be monitored daily.


Model building and overlay management

Models can be built at holding, asset allocation or model-of-models level; in all cases they are built in the context of risk and the full analytics set, with ‘what-if’ to test the impact of changes.

Models can be combined with look through, and the combined holdings edited to create overlays. The optimiser can also be used in construction. A full history and audit trail of changes is maintained.


Portfolio risk, construction and management

BITA Wealth provides deep portfolio management and construction functionality.

Full risk management, analytics and pre- and post-trade checks are delivered in a single page that leads from what-if to order generation.

Off buy list, illiquid, single holder, high risk and overweight holdings are individually identified for action with volatility, risk and yield contribution measured at holding and portfolio level.


Sustainable, impact & ESG management

BITA Wealth has made sustainable investing core to its functionality, creating a practical way of managing it as part of the day-to-day portfolio investment.

Client preferences are collected through the questionnaire, from a simple “greener” to detailed factor preferences.

Detailed visualisations enable exploration and explanation of portfolio exposures, conflicts and the impact of preferences on risk, yield, return and allocation, comparing current, proposed and benchmark portfolios.


what BITA Wealth does

Our modules can cover the lifecycle of a client portfolio from suitability assessment, through initial portfolio build and proposal to ongoing management, risk analysis and monitoring

BITA Wealth can provide either an end-to-end solution or key modules to complete your existing solution stack.

BITA Wealth is a suite of modules built to meet the needs of private wealth and investment management firms and integrate with your core systems. These modules use our risk and factor models, client profiling questionnaire, portfolio construction, analytics, ESG, reporting and monitoring functions to deliver a series of benefits across the firm.

Each module can be deployed either on its own or combined with elements of the others to build a robust process.

Wealth Management Software Modules Overview

BITA Wealth is used in many different ways by our client firms – here are five high-level use cases together with functions, benefits and potential users:

key benefits

Insight and transparency


Whether you are looking at suitability, investment process, monitoring or proposal generation, BITA Wealth brings structure, automation and efficiency, allowing focus on the value add rather than on manual tasks.

This not only increases capacity, but drives growth through an enhanced proposition.


The consistent application of a firm’s investment proposition, client proposals and portfolio construction all lead to consistent client outcomes. This maximises the return on the investment the firm is making in its front office and marketing teams, while ensuring compliance targets are met.


BITA Wealth brings all the data and analytics to one place, so the user does not have to switch between screens. Using visualisation, issues are rapidly identified and actioned on a single portfolio or across the enterprise.

Automation of many manual tasks allows the user to focus on action rather than gathering data.


Each step of the suitability process is recorded and key reports auto-saved to your document management system or CRM, significantly saving user time.

This process ensures that there is a complete audit trail for each client and meets regulatory needs.

These processes turn the client mandate/IPS from a filed piece of paper into a ‘living document’.

Client experience

BITA Wealth improves the client experience from the start, by providing an educative risk questionnaire, a transparent investment and risk management process, and a clear investment narrative.

User experience

Provide your client manager and advisors with tools to make their jobs easier and more productive.

Give them tools they will want to use, reducing the dependency on Excel spreadsheets and providing functions that offer better, faster insight into the portfolios they run.

Give them a competitive advantage.

how it works

Deployment options

The only standard model that can be configured to mirror your client proposition and investment process.

BITA Wealth is offered as either a turnkey standard configuration or a fully bespoke configuration according to the needs of the client firm.

It is built on a core standard code principle, with switchable functionality. This means that we can offer a fast, economic deployment and also tailor the application to the specifics of your business model. Developments, enhancements and updates are offered across our client base, enabling all clients to benefit from our ongoing innovation.

We recognise that you need options when considering system deployment. Approaches that meet your operational demands, delivery approach and IT strategies. We offer the flexibility that you would expect.


Deployment of BITA Wealth within your existing network infrastructure. 


Deploy BITA Wealth in an existing private cloud environment.


Opt for our hosted cloud services. This is a managed client installation in a client-specific environment, where we monitor, service and manage the infrastructure. 

BITA Wealth has a series of APIs and data interfaces supporting real-time and core data integration with CRM, IBOR, custodians, OMS and client reporting systems. Its workflow engine can reach out to other systems to complete data, for example authorisations, or just to communicate updates or save documents.

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