Over 20 years in the making, paragon has a proud track record of supporting financial services organizations who trade fixed income instruments – from small community banks, regional banks, to the largest regional or national correspondent banks, to several of the leading US Top 20 banks.

paragon is relied upon today by over 1,200 banks across America to produce accurate information their decision-makers can trust; process all their fixed income transactions accurately, especially as the scope and complexity of fixed income instruments has grown; and meet their risk and compliance obligations fully.

  • System Users appreciate paragon for its reliability and ease of use. Our interfaces are designed to reduce complexity, making systems use intuitive and radically simple. Our support team is well regarded by our user community.
  • Chief Operating Officers or Treasurers approve of paragon for its ease and speed of implementation and flexibility to integrate with all platform providers. Paragon’s comprehensive functionality and reporting capabilities lets their teams deliver efficient trade processing and portfolio management. They have peace of mind.
  • Risk Managers are given the tools they need to manage the accounting risks associated with their portfolios. paragon’s exceptions management methodology ensures that processing teams are always working on the most important trades – those needing manual intervention only when issues arise. Paragon’s rigorous and dependable performance enables risk managers to demonstrate to their clients sound compliance practices.             
  • Chief Financial Officers believe paragon gives them rapid payback, typically within one financial year of implementation. paragon gives them a comprehensive platform running from front to back office that allows for significant business process improvements and opportunities to lower the cost of transactions.                 
  • IT Managers tell us that paragon offers extensive out-of-the-box capabilities, which significantly shortens system development and testing times compared to in-house or bespoke development from toolkit software. paragon’s standardized construction future proofs the system through its ease of upgrade and scalability.

Read more about how Paragon’s specialist modules have been developed to support specific trade services as Fixed Income service offerings, instruments and regulatory requirement have all evolved.