The paragon Edge suite of web applications (Edge apps) extends your core paragon solution to provide online portfolio accounting, reporting and compliance services. In doing so, they join together the actual treasury business. processes and information flows between the front, middle and back offices.

Edge apps reduce the time required to prepare, administer and communicate trade information and reports between paragon modules, your clients and/or internal stakeholders. With direct access into the bank’s own “book of record” more effective decisions can be made, in more efficient ways, with much tighter risk control and corporate governance.

paragon's deal.edge, approval.edge, risk.edge and position.edge applications were created specifically to address the potentially problematic issues of risk, cost, process efficiency and record keeping that manual completion of packets by traders and manual approval processes invariably will lead to at some stage. Pressure on traders often sees the approval process being completed at some point after the event – most usually by trying to reconcile trading spreadsheets. By definition in such circumstances, if limits have been violated it cannot be known until much later than desired.

These applications are supported and enhanced by compliance.edge and hub.edge.

deal.edge minimizes the data that traders need to enter manually by storing and automatically filling packets with as much static data relevant to each trade as possible, whilst simultaneously building CUSIPs records to further reduce processing overhead.

  • approval.edge is a classic case of replacing aged manual approval procedures with a perfectly fit-for-purpose automated approval process that is highly likely to be more accurate, more timely, less costly and most importantly, ensure compliance  with all statutory obligations relevant to risk management of Fixed Income trades.
  • risk.edge integrates with deal.edge, bringing seamless monitoring to your workflows. You set the rules in line with your investment strategies, then risk.edge ensures each trade and portfolio holdings are monitored against them. Any limits violations are immediately escalated to management for intervention by on screen prompts or email notifications.
  • position.edge delivers a real time view of the investment portfolio makeup, its performance and liquidity. Portfolio performance management is no longer the only key requirement for an investment portfolio, under recent banking reforms banks are required to hold an adequate amount of high quality liquid assets (HQLA). To properly manage a portfolio liquidity needs positions.edge provides an in depth view of the portfolio, its current collateral usage and projected usage.
  • compliance.edge enables you to give auditors and regulators exactly what they want. Your ability to store and deliver all the relevant credit analysis documentation ensures you can demonstrate  compliance with section 939A of Dodd Frank, and in turn the new OCC 2012-18 Final Rule, both for pre-trade compliance and post-trade monitoring for municipal and corporate holdings.
  • hub.edge  imagine if your staff did not have to wrestle though the process of re-formating distributing and determining which report goes to which stakeholder … or spend time scanning, emailing or faxing information to multiple parties.

Read more about how paragon’s specialist modules have been developed to support specific trade services as Fixed Income service offerings, instruments and regulatory requirement have all evolved.

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