Accuracy of information is vital when providing services to your own safekeeping customers. As a custodian, you must deliver clear and precise information to your customers while maintaining operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

paragon’s Customer Safekeeping module lets you do this with ease.

Full integration with paragon’s core Fixed Income Accounting hub means that you know your safekeeping services are always working with up to date information, reducing both operational and financial risk.

The extensive range of paragon’s Customer Safekeeping automated activities include:

  • Confirmation generation and delivery: accurate and timely electronically dispatched safekeeping forms to customers, contra parties and pledgees
  • Internal Report generation: comprehensive range of reports prepared for safekeeping operations management
  • Trading Desk support: full bond dealer support including as-agent trades, free deliveries and trading as principal, for own and downstream dealing teams
  • Customized Fee Handling: calculation of complex and individualized fees by referencing wide ranging customizable criteria with automatic charging of customers for safekeeping services
  • Securities Payments Received: principal and/or coupon payments collected and automatically cleared for securities held in safekeeping on behalf of the customer
  • Pledges: fully supports customers who assign their safekeeping positions as collateral against deposits, loans or debts
  • Custodian Reconciliation: automatic reconciliation of inventory and P&I payments through user defined interfaces with third-party custodians
  • DDA and TDA Interfaces: secure connections to internal accounts for proper cash movement and integrity

Read more about how paragon’s specialist modules have been developed to support specific trade services as fixed income service offerings, instruments and regulatory requirement have all evolved.