Having the right information at the right time is essential to making complex business decisions. There can be no tolerance for any information that is inaccurate or incomplete. Insight can only be gained with timely information that you can trust.

Many banks operate a complex network of unconnected systems for their fixed income portfolio operations, individually performing business critical functions in areas of accounting, audit, compliance, customer services and requisite management information. Ensuring they are all updated accurately at the right time is a technical integration challenge that can be difficult or require the heroic manual efforts from staff where key knowledge often resides only in the heads of a few staff members, causing continuity issues.

Manual processing has become all too commonplace between these multiple systems or in reporting cycles. This often means human error enters the equation with associated efficiency problems, risks and unnecessary costs.

paragon takes away these problems by providing a single platform of applications that can both feed and be updated by every end-to-end aspect of your fixed income portfolio accounting.

paragon’s core accounting hub software is proven over many years to be excellent at its primary purpose – a robust accounting, reporting and data management platform whose strength and flexibility handles the full range of complex variable rate instruments with ease:

  •        Mortgage backed securities
  •        Asset-backed securities
  •        Debentures
  •        Treasury securities
  •        Other fixed-income instruments
  •        Money market instruments

Our next generation, web engineered paragon Edge Applications now extends our core paragon accounting hub to providing a range of online portfolio accounting, reporting and other trade-services from front to back office:

  • deal.edge and approval.edge minimize the data that traders need to enter by automating the CUSIP build process and eliminating dual entry into disparate systems.

  • approval.edge assists with SOX compliance building in multiple level trade approval.

  • risk.edge integrates with deal.edge to set out your house investment policies and then to ensure each trade is monitored against them. Any trade that violates limits or tolerances is immediately escalated for intervention.

  • compliance.edge allows you to manage, deliver and store all the relevant credit analysis documentation needed to demonstrate both pre-trade and post-trade compliance with section 939A<x-apple-data-detectors://0> of Dodd Frank and OCC 2012-18 Final Rule.

  • position.edge maximizes collateral allocation and usage by supplying real time position information and encumbrances.

  • hub.edge is the central repository and distribution system for all key paragon reports to be sent to other internal departments or externally to customers of the bank.

Less time is required to prepare, administer and communicate trade information and reports between paragon modules, your clients and/or internal stakeholders. With direct access to the bank’s own book of record more effective decisions can be made, in more efficient ways, with much tighter risk control and corporate governance.

Read more about how Paragon’s specialist modules have been developed to support specific trade services as fixed income service offerings, instruments and regulatory requirement have all evolved.