Fixed income portfolio accounting is hard and difficult. There are just so many instrument types, with ever-increasingly levels of complexity, all with their own subtleties and requirements that have to be understood and managed properly.

The cost of any error can be great both to the income statement and the balance sheet. The worst possible outcome is to restate numbers. Quite simply, mistakes cannot be tolerated.

Yet, if these difficulties can be held to one side, managing a fixed income portfolio is also something of a moving target: There is no slowdown in changes to the regulatory landscape or to the accounting standards and treatment that have to be applied to these instruments. In those circumstances, agility and accuracy can be difficult bedfellows to reconcile.

Today, more than 1,200 US Banks of all sizes rely on paragon for the accounting, collateral management and risk management for their fixed income portfolios. Our suite of integrated applications gives you complete control.

When we asked our customers why they chose paragon they offered us a variety of reasons: paragon’s reliability, security, flexibility, accuracy, functionality, speed, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. While we acknowledge the validity of each of these reasons, we believe that paragon’s real strength lies somewhat deeper.

paragon manages and joins together multiple (and often) unconnected data feeds and systems to maintain the bank’s “Book of Record". paragon does all this seamlessly and automatically, with all the experience and learnings we have gathered over the past two decades.

Today, paragon 6 and our next generation, web based Edge Applications allow you to tie together your book of record with the front, back and middle office, providing a single platform to manage your fixed income portfolio from pre-order/pre-sales due diligence to commitment through to redemption. At each point, there are actionable management information reports that meet fully all your statutory compliance and audit requirements.

Our modular approach means that we can deliver a solution that can be tailored to your requirements, be implemented in short order and remain highly cost effective.