BITA monitor systematically ‘measures-against-mandate’ private client portfolio risk and monitors outliers, providing reports across a private client fund base down to individual client level.

Daily, weekly or monthly, the business risk of clients outside mandate can be managed through Bita monitor, replacing manual analysis of data with valuable clear information.

Bita monitor turns data into a highly valuable asset; delivering a portfolio risk management tool to investment managers and concise Management Information (MI) reports to compliance teams.


  • Measures risk vs. mandate, plus other key portfolio statistics
  • Identifies clients lying outside their mandate
  • Understands client groups, family holdings and investment restrictions
  • Manages known exceptions through time
  • Generates graphic overview and traffic light reports
  • Slices and dices data by region, team, manager, and client segment
  • Handles known exceptions ensuring reports contain only relevant data
  • Demonstrates trends across key statistics
  • A bespoke yet rapidly deployed solution, Bita monitor can be used stand-alone or as part of BITA star