BITA risk is a suite of applications geared towards addressing the needs of private wealth managers, investment advisors, asset managers and quant teams across the globe.

The applications enhance the investment process of your firm rather than constrain it by improving the understanding, analysis and reporting of portfolios to better meet the needs and expectations of clients.

For private banks and wealth managers, bita risk helps support client acquisition and retention. It offers a comprehensive package enhancing risk profiling, client suitability, portfolio construction, investment suitability assessment, investment proposal generation and portfolio monitoring against mandate.

For institutional investors and CIOs, BITA risk has a proven track record in meeting client requirements by providing in-depth portfolio analysis, risk and return attribution, optimisation, quantitative strategy design, stress testing and reporting.

Our Product Set

  • BITA monitor – enables private banks and wealth managers to systematically ‘test against mandate’ client portfolio risk. By monitoring outliers and exception reporting across a client base, the application offers the ability to drill down to client and holding level.
  • BITA star – supports the sales and regulatory processes of private client wealth managers, by giving consistency to client suitability and efficiency to investment proposal generation. Through an integrated auditable process, consistency is guaranteed and a better client experience is delivered.
  • BITA vision – provides a rapid analytical tool for portfolio analysis for investment teams and quants.  Through a combination of building and testing strategies, covering risk and performance attribution, stress testing and optimisation, it delivers analysis and insight into portfolios through a wide range of reports and a GUI interface or MatLab.