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post-trade settlement processing software

Supporting over 2 trillion AuM

Software used globally by major asset managers, hedge funds and outsource administrators to streamline post-trade processing

Finance software

delivering full visibility of exceptions

Digital financial software

reducing settlement risk

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releasing operational staff

what market problems does the Salerio software solve?

The pressure placed on the middle office is ever increasing

Whether it is competition from the marketplace or the burden of more robust regulation, Operations teams are being asked to process settlement cycles faster and manage counterparty risk more tightly, all the while constrained by cost management.

To be successful, Operations Managers must have complete confidence in their post-trade execution systems and processes. Quite simply, this means they need a middle office trade processing and settlement solution that gives them control of all trade data, full automation and enables their users to manage on an exceptions-only basis, irrespective of trade volumes.

Common challenges and solutions

Variable workflows

Between different asset classes:

Salerio is a unified platform supporting centralised global trade settlement across multiple industry standards. Centralised exception management still required to minimise failure risk

Real-time position updates

Investment managers are dependent upon near-real time position keeping:

Salerio provides the immediate update of positions from both an unconfirmed (soft) and confirmed (hard) trade perspective

Management of settlement instruction process

Settlement risks associated with stored settlement instructions:

An inefficient and often flawed process with responsibility gaps – Salerio takes control of this essential process to reduce settlement risk

Settlement risk management

Clients need to track the status of trades prior to settlement, not rely on reconciliations that occur too late

Salerio is compliant with the latest CSDR regulations associated with the Settlement Discipline Regime

what Salerio does

Salerio is a post-execution trade processing software covering the confirmation, settlement and tracking of transactions

Salerio has been successfully deployed as a central component in many institutional environments through the years, including asset management firms, hedge fund businesses, asset owners, sovereign wealth managers and outsourced service providers. Some are amongst the largest organisations in their respective market segments.

Salerio is built to provide users with full control of trade data in order to manage and mitigate settlement risk. Its central exceptions management hub delivers mission critical capabilities – managing process flow quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Irrespective of asset class, all exceptions are displayed within the same user interface, removing the need for multiple systems or workstations. Salerio integrates seamlessly with multiple industry utilities, such as the SWIFT network and the DTCC’s matching and settlement utilities e.g. CTM. Salerio is therefore able to efficiently manage the trade lifecycle and all processing exceptions across multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and money markets.

Trade confirmation

Salerio interfaces seamlessly with all Omgeo products and SWIFT to allow any exceptions that may arise in the trade confirmation process to be managed effectively from its central hub. By combining all exceptions into this consolidated view, Salerio provides a truly global solution for trade confirmation across multiple asset classes.

Trade settlement

Salerio generates settlement instructions in SWIFT, email and fax formats. It validates all instructions against the received Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) via a locally stored database of broker SSI. This approach ensures accuracy is achieved every time, which in turn reduces settlement risk significantly.

Trade tracking

Salerio tracks settlement status updates sent by global custodians via SWIFT or other formats. This provides users with a real time view of all pre-settlement and failed trade issues. Users are then able to track failed trade and partial settlements effectively, thereby greatly reducing the risk of market buy-ins and interest claims.

post trade processing modules overview

key benefits

Control and consistency


Salerio brings complete control and consistency to the post-trade execution process, which together reduce settlement risk.


Companies are always seeking effective ways to scale their operations. Salerio makes scaling operations much easier by removing bottlenecks. Salerio reduces high volume traffic to exceptions management protocols, releasing operational staff to focus on other important issues outside of trade processing.


The attention of users is now focused only on managing exceptions. With the right options and controls to hand, potential issues can be identified and resolved quickly, with full visibility, irrespective of trading volumes. By taking this approach Salerio alleviates the normal processing complexity that often blunts overall post-trade effectiveness.


Salerio provides multi-asset class functionality covering equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and money markets.

how it works

A standard model

Salerio is built on a standard model principle, with all functionality available to our entire client base. This means that all developments, enhancements and updates are merged into our standard model, enabling all clients to benefit from our ongoing innovation.

Our standard model also enables fast implementation times. A project can be complete in a matter of weeks for a standard installation, with predictable, low risk integration and minimised people costs.

Software deployment options

In terms of deployment, we offer client on-premise, client-managed VM and fully managed-service options.


Install Salerio locally on their internal servers within existing network infrastructure.


Deploy Salerio in an existing private cloud environment.


Opt for our hosted cloud services. This is a managed client installation in a client-specific environment, where we monitor, service and manage the infrastructure. 


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