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post-trade settlement processing software

Supporting over 2 trillion AuM

Software used globally by major asset managers, hedge funds and outsource administrators to streamline post-trade processing

in brief

A post-execution trade processing solution combining matching & confirmation, settlement instruction processing, and failed trade management to meet T+1 settlement needs, today

Salerio, a modular, multi-asset class, settlements solution, deployed as a middle office platform by global asset managers, hedge fund managers, asset owners, sovereign wealth managers and outsourced service providers (TPAs) to focus on what matters most; getting trades confirmed and settled no matter how high the trade volumes are.

Execute with confidence – mitigate operational and settlement risk that comes with a trail of communications via email, phone or even fax messages. Our exception management hub provides trade matching, confirmation, settlement messaging, settlement tracking and failed trade management for securities, exchange traded futures, foreign exchange, and money market transactions.

Centralize processing – complete visibility of problematic trades from trade data validation and matching, to managing settlement instructions and notifications to all parties, you have pre-defined user options to resolve issues quickly, accurately, and efficiently from a single dashboard.

Scalability and efficiency – with full DTCC OASYS™ parity functionality, integrated seamlessly with the DTCC CTM™ service, alongside SWIFT message management, Salerio creates a scalable workflow process across multiple asset types delivering mission critical capabilities.

These are all essential factors when firms consider the move to T+1 settlement.

common challenges and solutions

Combine US and international securities processing

Salerio connectivity is certified by the DTCC and in production helping firms combine the legacy DTCC OASYS™ workflows with the newly adapted DTCC CTM™ utility.

Route to T+1 settlement

When the industry loses a processing day – effective and efficient exception management and enhanced processing features are essential for timely execution. Salerio provides the route to the new generation trade lifecycle.

CSDR settlement risk management

Failed trade management means avoidance not reconciliation. Governance and controls are mandatory to ensure compliance with the latest CSDR regulations associated with the Settlement Discipline Regime. Failed trade management, partial settlement and penalty payment reporting are coverage by Salerio.

The shortening of the settlement cycle will present buy-side firms with some sever operational challenges. Watch our video below and learn how Salerio can assist your firm in preparing for T+1.

Salerio highlights

Reduce risk, costs, and inefficiencies for all stakeholders

Through automation across the post-execution trade settlement lifecycle. Let the machine work for you.

Remove the need for multiple systems/workstations

Centralizing mission-critical trade processing into a single hub.

Save time with exception management

On average, 95% straight through processing, without any effort or intervention from users (a must for T+1 lifecycle).

Operate with complete confidence 100% of the time

A truly reliable, best in-class system.


DTCC certified interface supporting new US trade flow capabilities within the DTCC’s CTM™ service, following the switch-off of the DTCC OASYS™ solution. Combine US and international securities processing to manage and mitigate settlement risk.

Trade confirmation and local matching

Salerio provides a truly global solution for trade management across multiple asset classes. It interfaces seamlessly with DTCC’s CTM™ service to manage securities confirmation and matching events within its central hub. Local matching of trade records from counterparties supports asset types such as exchange trades futures. Foreign exchange matching via SWIFT messages from counterparties.

Trade settlement and messaging

Salerio generates validated settlement instructions in SWIFT, email and fax formats. It validates Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) via a locally stored database. This approach ensures accuracy, which in turn significantly reduces settlement risk in line with CSDR regulations.

Trade tracking (failed trade management)

Salerio tracks settlement status updates received from global custodians via SWIFT messages, providing users with a real-time view of all pre-settlement and failed trade issues. Users can track failed trades, partial settlements effectively, thereby greatly reducing the risk of buy-ins and penalty payments.

Salerio Modules and Connectivity

Salerio supports three business processes within the middle office: confirmation, settlement and tracking. Within those business functions are modules performing different tasks. Salerio integrates internal platforms (order management, accounting and position keeping) and information from external parties (brokers, counterparties, custodians and interested parties).









key benefits


Salerio brings governance, control, and consistency to the post-execution trade process, which together reduce settlement risk and increase operational efficiency, complying with regulation such as CSDR.


Salerio reduces high volume traffic to exceptions management protocols, releasing operational staff to focus on important issues outside of standard, automated trade processing. Up to 30,000 trades a day are easily managed by two or three people.


Avoid the tedious manual process of checking data from different systems, data sources and counterparties. Have a view of the complete chain of events and manage them by exceptions. With the right options and controls to hand, issues can be resolved quickly, with full audit visibility.


Salerio is not a toolkit, it is a complete, quick to implement modular solution, built on a standard model approach. Whether installed on a local network or hosted in a private cloud, each Salerio module can be installed in weeks, not months.

how it works

A standard model for all

The days of lengthy projects with long drawn-out product and user configuration for your business and IT teams – even before you get to detailed UAT activities, must be put behind us. Solutions need to be quick and easy to deploy by the companies that buy them. 

Salerio is a working product not a toolkit; built on a standard model principle, with all modules available to our entire client base and easily controlled by licence agreements. This enables fast implementation times for each Salerio module (weeks, not months) and predictable implementation costs.

Salerio also provides an easy upgrade path, with new functionality and the latest technology available for implementation without fuss, always keeping your teams on top of new developments.

Move quickly and with confidence – our rapid implementation times remove the fear of those dreaded, open-ended IT projects that all too often never seem to close properly, be on time or within budget.

Salerio software - Automated trade confirmation and settlement processing