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REG-9 Automation: for US Bank Trust portfolios

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BITA Wealth delivers REG-9 automation, driving new efficiencies in the process

Regulation 9 (REG-9) sets out the requirements for banks to operate trust departments as fiduciaries in the United States. It is issued by the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) as opposed to most regulation that is issued by the SEC.

Part of the requirements are that, at least once a year, banks review all the assets in a trust portfolio and make sure that the assets are consistent with the stated objectives and are appropriate. Where there are exceptions, these need to be documented, explained and managed. In addition, performance needs to be tracked with a process in place for handling performance outliers.

BITA Wealth provides automation, and pre- and post-trade checking of the key REG-9 requirements, delivering an efficient, demonstrable and auditable process across all clients, with full reporting at the advisor and enterprise levels as well as the annual review report.

The annual review date can be scheduled in BITA Wealth and a reminder provided ahead of the due date, with alerts issued if the review is overdue. The report can be auto-generated from the system with any exceptions highlighted and, where these have been addressed, the information recorded is included within the report. By continuously checking the REG-9 rules and managing exceptions as they arise, the annual review becomes a much easier process.

function / benefits / users


  • tests portfolio against REG-9 rules
  • exception alerts and dashboard
  • exception approval and management process
  • automated annual review report
  • alerts for reviews due
  • business intelligence on rule failures and exceptions
  • option for pre-trade rule checks
  • option for admin rule checks
  • option for IPS generation and integration within the process
  • fully documented audit trial


  • REG-9 rule checking automation
  • automated review data generation and reporting
  • rapid, efficient compliance
  • reduced business risk


  • bank trusts

use cases

BITA Wealth is an end-to-end solution, used in different ways by our client firms. Below are five high level use cases together with functions, benefits and potential users

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