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Portfolio, Risk and Model Management

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Portfolio management with risk and analytics on current and 'what-if' portfolios with benchmark comparison

The BITA Wealth Portfolio Management Page (PMP) provides rapid assessment of a current portfolio and ‘what-if’ changes against risk, policy, model and IPS mandate, giving pre-trade compliance and helping make informed investment decisions.

Prospect portfolios: As a user of the system, you can upload your prospect’s current portfolio and illustrate how you would change it and its key characteristics.

Client portfolios: Your client portfolios are loaded every night with the option of real-time refreshes. Check the impact of changes, model investment ideas, or just rebalance to the model. With full pre-trade checks, you know the portfolio will be in line with policy and mandate before you send the trades.

Model portfolios: Model changes to your models and test their impact as work in progress. When ready, promote the model to live, with a history of model changes being stored in the system. Also, model-of-models can be constructed, look-through applied and then an overlay created.

Portfolio analytics: For all the portfolio types above a full range of portfolio level, holding level and holding contribution analytics are available including volatility, macro-factor, ESG, liquidity and VaR, with additional reporting of drawdown, back test and stress tests. The volatility measures are calculated using the BITA Risk PCA, hybrid-factor and macro-factor risk models and take into account correlation between instruments and manage short histories.

With full what-if functions and order generation, this function can be used for current and prospective clients, held-away/externally managed portfolios and running model portfolios and overlays.

Real-time API OMS integration completes the use case.

function / benefits / users


  • risk, yield, bond analytics
  • portfolio 'what-if'
  • model and overlay management
  • compare current and proposed portfolios vs SAA / model
  • generate trades
  • look-through on models, funds and ETFs
  • style, factor, economic exposure and ESG analytics
  • optimisation routines
  • multi-currency
  • prospect and held-away portfolio modelling


  • rapid portfolio analysis pre-trade
  • integrated suitability
  • rebalancing in context of model, IPS and policy
  • all the information in one screen
  • extended analytics with leading visualisations help build the investment narrative
  • tool to support advisors bringing portfolio in line
  • tool for CIOs to build, test and manage models


  • advisors
  • client portfolio managers
  • model managers
  • CIOs

use cases

BITA Wealth is an end-to-end solution, used in different ways by our client firms. Below are five high level use cases together with functions, benefits and potential users

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