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ESG Practical Management: Impact, SRI, & Sustainable Investing

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BITA Wealth brings practical ESG management to your desktop in four easy steps

ESG is one branch of sustainable investing. Many investment firms have been screening investments by a number of the ESG factors for years, alongside Socially Responsible Investing and Impact investing approaches.

While each of these terms have specific meanings, from an investment perspective, any investment’s exposure to them can be measured by a series of factors: percentage of revenue attributed to tobacco, rating agency score for board diversity, tonnes of CO2 emitted, investment in social or environmental not-for-profit projects.

BITA Wealth brings the complexity of this data and client preferences for or against these factors together in its portfolio modelling function, to help understand exposures, check conflicts with preferences and assess the impact of making changes to meet sustainable preferences on risk, yield and return through portfolio ‘what-if’ analysis.

The four easy steps:

  1. Capture the client preferences for sustainable investing: from a simple “green” preference to specific ESG factors and Impact statements, all within one flexible framework addressing business and regulatory requirements.
  2. Review the portfolio: see the ESG factor exposures, conflicts between client preferences and exposures, comparison between the portfolio and benchmark exposures, and get a complete summary and detailed report to review and share with the client.
  3. Manage the portfolio exposures: through portfolio ‘what-if’, change holding weights and immediately see how portfolio exposures and conflicts change. See where holdings are conflicted and what the impact of changing them is on risk, yield, asset allocation, and other metrics.
  4. Report: share the data with your client. Discuss and engage on how the ESG preferences impact on the portfolio and how changes have been made to improve positive exposures and limit negative exposures, and meet their preferences. You can also illustrate the impact of over-constraining the portfolio.

You can choose which factors you want to assess and the data provider for those factors or decide to use one of our data partners to provide the inputs.

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BITA Wealth is an end-to-end solution, used in different ways by our client firms. Below are five high level use cases together with functions, benefits and potential users

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