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Client Suitability Profiling and Proposals

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A proven suitability process that engages and educates the client, then sets and manages expectations

BITA Wealth has been used to risk-profile clients, match their profile to investment propositions and generate proposals since 2003. Over the last five years it has consistently won ‘Best Risk Profiling Solution’ awards and the 2020 Family Wealth Report ‘Best Compliance Solution’ in New York.

BITA Wealth’s suitability process:

  1. educates the client on risk in the context of their portfolio and objectives
  2. creates a common understanding between the manager / advisor and the client as to what risk means
  3. links the client profile directly to your firm’s range of investment propositions

This is delivered through an end-to-end process that integrates with CRM and front office systems.

Taking a multi-faceted approach to building the client profile, this efficient process takes the client from questionnaire to profile analysis, match to investment proposition, proposed portfolio building (if required) and ends at a full proposal that plays back the profile and compares the risk characteristics of the current and proposed portfolios.

Large investment firms – a single questionnaire can be used for different client streams, with branching to take the client through specific journeys depending on their need and size, resulting in the most suitable investment approach. This flexibility is key; for example in one firm BITA Wealth matched a client into one of 140 different categories of model.

Boutiques and UHNW firms – the questionnaire forms the basis of a discussion on risk characteristics and detailed objectives sought from a portfolio.

Family offices and Trusts – the family or trustees can discuss the questions and reach common agreement on the answers leading to an agreed profile and a way forward.

Each step of the process is recorded, and all key documents are auto-saved to your CRM or DMS, ensuring that there is a full audit trail.

BITA Wealth treats the client as more than a number; it treats them as a human being. The system educates clients from on-boarding through to portfolio monitoring. BITA Wealth keeps your clients on the right path through common understanding and builds a firm foundation for a long-term relationship.

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BITA Wealth is an end-to-end solution, used in different ways by our client firms. Below are five high level use cases together with functions, benefits and potential users

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