Globalisation is a massive force for good raising economic growth and development around the world.  Yet we live in a world with shadows, where there are people, corporate entities or governments that are prohibited from operating or transacting freely. How do you know whether a counterparty is not a prohibited or politically exposed person?

sanctions monitor provides a comprehensive and capable solution to sanctions compliance. It has advanced and comprehensive search capabilities across governmental sanctions databases to deliver consistent filtering, auditing and reporting to any query. It gives you complete operational and compliance peace of mind.

A suspected name or address can be searched using both alphabetic and phonetic search rules providing the highest probability of an accurate result. If there is determination of a possible violation, then sanctions monitor will record the possible violation for definitive confirmation. Furthermore, it will display the transaction, highlight the suspected party, and display the sanctions list match or matches to facilitate review.

Over and above those names contained on international watch lists, sanctions monitor also has the capability to create and manage any of its own internal list of undesirable entities that users set up. In all cases, a full audit trail of processing and operator actions is preserved.

sanctions monitor delivers key benefits immediately:

  • Provides rigorous and consistent sanction filtering to all operations, to ensure peace of mind and confidence in the process.
  • Detects possible violations accurately to minimise the time it takes to manage possible issues.
  • Minimises the impact of false matches on operations, to reduce the risks of wasting time and cost.
  • Demonstrates “due diligence” through detailed reporting and audit trails to give you confidence from the outset.
  • Enables filtering against multiple external and internal lists to ensure that you are always up-todate and compliant.
  • Adapts easily to ever-changing regulatory requirements so you can be confident that you remain compliant.
  • Integrates seamlessly into operational workflow enabling efficient management processes within your current procedures.
  • Is easy to use so your staff can get up and running quickly.
  • Dedicated support ensures that someone who understands your business needs and has expert product knowledge is never far away.