Aids client acquisition, retention and regulatory compliance through a consistent and transparent approach to client risk profiling, contextual view of investment suitability and rapid production of in-depth investment proposals.

BITA star helps wealth managers understand their clients’ true attitude to risk, and provides tools to support asset / product suitability screening, portfolio construction, investment proposal generation, and the on-going monitoring and reporting of portfolio risk. Proven in the international market over the last seven years, BITA star has been the choice of a broad range of private client investment firms from boutiques to large wealth managers and international private banks.

It is appropriate for a wide range of investment services from bespoke asset allocation through model, multi-manager and product-based portfolios to stock level advisory and discretionary accounts.


  • Key point profiling: A sophisticated method of assessing a client’s risk profile
  • Suitable investment products: filtering and matching of asset classes and investments to your client’s risk profile
  • Portfolio construction: strategic and tactical asset allocations built to the client’s profile, using model portfolios where applicable
  • Recommended list: user selection of investment products to meet the client’s profile and needs
  • Investment proposal: high quality investment proposal with full portfolio analysis and scenario testing rapidly produced
  • Analysis and what-if portfolio construction with risk, return and yield information delivered quickly to the user
  • On-going monitoring of portfolio risk