Offering treasury management services to your clients can present a complex challenge to your bank, particularly as you look to minimise your bank risk while maximising returns in these days of pressured margins, more complex instruments and tighter regulatory oversight.

abraxsys can help you meet this challenge by allowing you to manage the complexities and risks of a treasury operation more securely and efficiently, and reduce the costs. Full integration with our wider system ensures data in and data out is always accurate and that all reports can be trusted and believed.

Our treasury management solution gives complete control of funds, trades, foreign exchange, rate exposure and risk. Every element of deal processing is covered by its wide-ranging capabilities from front to back-office, helping to manage risk, increase return, reduce deal costs, improve reporting and therefore increase control.

The funds transfer pricing module provides an automatic method of analysing net interest income and expense by profit centre, linked to any branch or branches. With this precious data, management is able to understand clearly where the most profitable net interest areas of the institution are.