Retail facilities require exceptional functional coverage that delivers optimal customer service across all channels simultaneously.

Our Retail Banking solution offers you exactly that in a ready-to-run fully operational system – ideal both for quick rejuvenation of branch office operations and for setting up new retail banks or branches. With its rapid implementation times, abraxsys Retail Banking delivers complete, and very cost effective, banking functionality almost straight out of the box.

The software provides scaleable, real-time, multi-currency and multi-branch banking operations, that automates all aspects of a financial institution’s retail activities, ranging from all the normal, day–to-day, in-branch counter business, including all cash and cheque activities, deposits, withdrawals and bureau de change facilities; right through to the behind-the-scenes essential account activities, allowing for flexible interest banding, calculations, accruals and postings. The extensive reporting options within abraxsys ensure confidence in data used for business analysis and decision making, whilst also satisfying regulatory compliance and audit requirements.

The abraxsys retail banking workflow is fully integrated with corfinancial’s KYC monitor and sanctions monitor solutions.