Control of credit lines is a key issue for managing client or corporate business related activities. abraxsys offers complete control of all aspects of corporate finance lending from a single management interface. 

The functionality provides control and reporting of drawdowns against the original credit extension, records details of credit lines offered and accepted, together with all subsequent utilisation of the diverse and flexible commercial lending options available to corporate clients, including:

  • Integrated commitment fee calculations.
  • Single or multi-currency facilities.
  • Comprehensive limit structures.
  • Syndication – lead or agency and participations purchased.

Credit line usage and bank risk for all business done under the line is tracked in real-time, which may incorporate clean advances, letters of credit, guarantees, accepted bills discounts, and overdrafts.

Separate collateral functionality enables the user to account for any assets that have been pledged by a borrower to secure a loan or other credit, which can in turn be subject to seizure in the event of default on the loan or credit.  abraxsys has the ability to determine the type of collateral, e.g. real estate, financial instruments, moveable property and livestock, record their value and perform periodic valuations of the collateral’s worthiness.  In addition, the collateral can be linked to a defined credit facility or to an individual loan transaction.