abraxsys is a powerful, fully integrated banking solution that provides real-time, multi‑language, multi-currency and multi-branch banking for retail, commercial, corporate and universal banks and credit unions. Whether you have small or large operations, abraxsys automates all aspects of your institution’s business activity whether implemented as a complete modular solution or as individual specialist modules used alongside your other banking systems.

Although it is quick and easily implemented, its functionality is truly comprehensive having been built, developed and successfully deployed over the last 20 years. When implemented fully it is a complete and integrated platform, which eliminates all duplication of effort, avoids all reconcillation errors and provides you with complete and visible STP capabilities. Your book of record is updated and correct at all times, with the correct information and transaction data available immediately to any decision-maker across your front, middle or back office operations.

You can sleep easily at night because you are in full financial, management, risk, compliance and regulatory control. And of course, your investment is future-proofed because the underlying architecture of abraxsys is purposely engineered to scale and designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems or data feeds. 

Together, all these factors deliver an outstanding and compelling ROI.

There are 2 parts to the abraxsys solution.

At the heart of abraxsys are our Platform Modules – static data, general ledger, central accounting, interest accruals, credit control and business intelligence – which together form the core engine. These elements provide real-time accounting, limit checking, trading position and GL updates along with the ability to control multi-currency credit lines with sub limits for specific business categories.

Around this core our Transaction Modules provide you complete business line functionality and are implemented based on your individual requirements. It is from here that your retail banking, commercial lending, consumer lending, trade finance, global payments and treasury management capabilities can be configured.