A full banking solution. 
abraxsys is an integrated and comprehensive banking solution covering centralised accounting, corporate and retail banking, treasury, payments, internet banking, business information and compliance. Easily and quickly implemented, abraxsys is an economic, quickly implemented platform, enabling rapid ROI from an industry-leading banking service.

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Asset liability manager. 
almeter helps organisations control financial and business risk by assessing the impact of numerous interest rate scenarios and hedging activities. Projecting earnings and an economic perspective along with associated risks from future interest rate scenarios, we enable you to make informed and timely decisions affecting performance and stability of your business, as well as meet regulatory obligations.

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 BITA risk

Private wealth risk management.
Private wealth managers, investment advisors, asset managers and quant teams around the world use BITA risk’s suite of software to construct, analyse, monitor and report on their clients’ portfolios, ensuring they are operated within the terms of their mandates and suitability assessment. It is a vital platform that meets your audit, regulatory and compliance requirements in respect of knowing your client.

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Retail investment administration. 
costars is designed to increase the business performance of retail investment administration by automating and standardising business processes, Its deep functionality and flexibility in design helps to significantly improve client servicing, the effective realisation of new sales channels and the adoption of new products in the rapidly evolving retail financial services distribution landscape.

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Integrated portfolio accounting.
US banks use paragon and its edge applications to remove the problem of managing and updating multiple systems that perform business critical tasks within their Fixed Income Portfolios. paragon’s single platform consolidates and improves information flows to aid key decision making, while ensuring users meet all related federal compliance requirements.

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Post execution straight through processing. 
salerio’s Electronic Trade Confirmation (ETC), Electronic Trade Delivery (ETD) and Electronic Settlement Tracking (EST) automate trade matching and affirmation of equities and fixed income instruments, then issues settlement instructions that can be subsequently monitored to minimise risk of failed trades or settlement delays. Used globally by major asset managers, hedge funds and outsource administrators.

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Sanctions and OFAC monitoring.
sanctions monitor is a sophisticated, easy-to-implement and easy-to-use sanctions monitoring, auditing and reporting tool that automates and reviews every element and operation of a transaction where there is risk of participating in a prohibited transaction or with a blocked entity. Protects users from costly errors, with audit trails to demonstrate to authorities compliance with international sanctions requirements.

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