Safe as money in the bank? Security in multi-platform Financial Services

There have been massive shifts in computing over the past 4 decades or so. We have gone from mainframe computing to PCs, client server to enterprise computing, and now cloud and mobile based platforms seem all pervasive. Alongside these shifts, we continue to see the transformational changes brought on by the Internet and its array of web-based technologies.

Each of these shifts has brought real change either to the operations of the Financial Services firms operating in the sector, allowed new or better products and services to be delivered to the market, or have signalled entry of disruptive new business models or service delivery plans, sometimes by newcomers to the market entrants to the market. These different IT infrastructures in their various iterations are very evident in many of the systems architectures of banks and other Financial Services firms today.

Yet, alongside these systems complexities and legacy, we live in an always-on, 24/7 world where Financial Services customers now expect as a default option to be able to transact in a variety of different ways, whether at a branch, telephone, online and through many different devices and platforms. Looking forward, these expectations are on going to look to increase as there weight of customer expectation is that more and more services will be digitised.

It is against this backdrop that we talk with Angelo Fazio to understand more about the challenges of keeping multi-platform, multi-channel systems safe and secure.