It all starts and ends with good data management

The Financial Services sector is not for the faint of heart. It is a hard and unrelenting business. It never stands still and always demands more from its market participants and operators. Firms in the sector are under constant competitive threat, complicated and constrained by a plethora of demanding regulatory requirements. Under the water line, firms have to wrestle with a range of disruptive technologies and Fintech upstarts who are constantly challenging the status quo. All the while, the slightest miscalculations can have dire consequences.

For those firms in the Financial Services sector that choose to succeed, they are under constant pressure to innovate, execute better, manage risk smarter and drive costs lower. To that end, business agility is often cited as a prerequisite trait these firms have to master if they are to stay relevant, which in turn means these firms have to develop strong data management competencies. This should hardly be surprising since data are the stock in trade for all Financial Services firms.

In the context of driving greater business agility we talk with Tony Ceddia about what good data management looks like within Financial Services firms, as well as key areas of operational priority and good practice.