All hail the Blockchain revolution! Really?

We talk with David Zylberberg and explore how Blockchain might transform the Financial Services sector, examine user cases where Blockchain might provide the first significant wins, and then debate whether Blockchain really represents a revolution or is just an another evolutionary pathway in the ongoing development of the Financial Services sector?

It all starts and ends with good data management

We talk with Tony Ceddia about what good data management looks like within Financial Services firms, as well as key areas of operational priority and good practice.

The move to T+2 in US post trade settlement

We talk with George Mar who shares his insights and advice about the move to T+2.

Safe as money in the bank? Security in multi-platform Financial Services

We talk with Angelo Fazio to understand more about the challenges of keeping multi-platform, multi-channel systems safe and secure.

The DoL and putting the customer first

We talk with Gary Jones to discuss a number of key topics that should now be on the agenda of any financial adviser or broker.

What are the key systems challenges posed by Liquidity Coverage Ratios?

We talk with Bevin Crodian to consider specifically the changes that are necessary to meet the regulatory requirements of Liquidity Coverage Ratios (LCRs) and the impact of Dodd Frank.

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