MiFID II, MiFIR, EMIR, interoperability and market access

We talk with Andrew Simpson, Head of Post Trade at Euronext, to discuss how MiFID II, MiFIR and EMIR are reshaping the Financial Services landscape across the European Union.

Due diligence and suitability

We talk with David Gurr to discuss how due diligence should be conducted to achieve suitable client outcomes by Advisory Firms and Discretionary Investment/Fund Managers when they provide a joint service to a retail client.

Avoiding a "suitability gap"

We talk with David Gurr to discuss why suitability matters and the respective roles Advisory Firms and Discretionary Investment/Fund Managers should take when they form part of a joint service to a Retail Client.

Getting ready for MiFID II

We talk with Rachel Przybylski to discuss how MiFID II will impact Financial Services firms across the EU and how they can prepare themselves for the changes that come into effect from 1 January 2018.

Wealth management and winning the next generation

We talk with James Brown to discuss how the needs of the next generation differ from those of their predecessors and what wealth management firms should be doing to best serve these clients.

Data and the enterprise mission: putting data at the core

We talk with David Renn to learn more about why data should be at the heart of the enterprise mission and the ensuing business and systems architecture

Regulation in the new normal and its impact on enterprise architecture

We talk with Vipul Chandna to discuss the impact ever tightening regulation in the financial services sector has on enterprise architecture and the knock on effects it has on IT and business systems.

Advice and guidance in the new RDR world

We talk with Bruce Weatherill to discuss and explore the key distinctions between advice and guidance, and with it consider the impact the rise of Robo-advice will have on the industry.

Making suitability work

We talk with Daryl Roxburgh, Global Head of BITA risk, to discuss exactly what suitability means, why it matters to private wealth and asset managers, and the tangible steps that can be taken to making suitability real for investing clients.

Will Blockchain disrupt financial services?

We talk with Andrew Simpson, Head of Post Trade Services at Euronext, to discuss what Blockchain technology actually is and its relationship with Bitcoin, and then consider how it might be a disruptive technology across the financial services sector and more specifically in post trade matching and settlement.

Why sanctions monitoring should keep you up at night

If ever there was a growth industry in terms of regulation, sanctions monitoring is it, says Andrew Smith, CEO of corfinancial.

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