Quilter Cheviot: “Speed as standard”

Quilter Cheviot decided to upgrade its risk monitoring and management capabilities by deploying BITA Wealth Monitor in July 2017 and was able to go live with the flagship application within BITA Risk’s product suite just six months later, with a system matched to their investment and client segmentation strategies

Salerio - MarkitSERVE

The near collapse of the banking system in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe in 2008, raised counterparty risk to the forefront of every financial institution’s agenda. Concerns that counterparties might not meet their obligations threaten the very solvency of the sector, particularly with high exposures to various derivative instruments across the sector.

Ploughing your way through the mud: AML Compliance

Money laundering is a financial crime that can have potentially devastating social and financial effects. Whether it is the profits of the narcotics trafficker or the assets looted from government coffers, the criminal proceeds that get laundered through the financial system, have the power to corrupt and ultimately destabilise.

Artorius Wealth: suitability, start ups and gearing for growth

Wealth and asset managers are turning to specialist technology vendors to develop future-proof compliance strategies.

Brooks Macdonald: reporting to the investment committee does not have to be onerous

Brooks Macdonald deployed BITA monitor and BITA star to take away the heaving lifting associated with the regular and rigorous reporting cycles to the Investment committee.

Charles Stanley: using risk management to gain real competitive advantage for customer advantage

Charles Stanley have used BITA star to afford their investment advisors and managers “freedom within a framework” in their decentralised operating model of 32 regional offices. They believe they have now the best of both worlds and winning because of it.

Fast growing US wealth manager - salerio case study

A rapidly expanding US Wealth Manager with a daily 2500+ volume of trades (80% US Domestic Equities and 20% US Fixed Income) had outgrown its internally developed middle office capability.

James Hambro & Partners: taking suitability to the next level

When James Hambro & Partners started their business in 2008 they have architected their business to create an institutional-quality investment process but with a boutique level of client service. BITA has helped them build that platform for their clients.

Leading regional bank - paragon case study

As sweep products are increasingly coming back into favor, our client was finding its deposit customers were increasing their use of various sweep products.

Mid-sized Midwest bank - paragon case study

A rapidly expanding US Wealth Manager with a daily 2500+ volume of trades (80% US Domestic Equities and 20% US Fixed Income) had outgrown its internally developed middle office capability.

Negotiating the sanctions regulatory maze: Key jurisdictions to consider

We wade through the UK and US sanction policies and take a look at the impact this is having on firms … both financial and non-financial

Putting the basics in place for sanctions compliance

Organisations should establish and maintain an effective written sanctions compliance program commensurate with their sanctions risk profile based on their spread of products, services, customers, suppliers and geographic locations.

Sanctions & Anti-Money Laundering: Who are you really dealing with?

We explore the key issues you need to know about and navigate to become both sanctions and AML compliant.

Sanctions and AML compliance is difficult and ever changing

It could be said that staying sanctions compliant is like trying to “catch a fire”. It poses a threat and you could get burnt, it’s ever changing and fuelled by various elements and once you catch it, what do you do to manage it?

Standard Life Wealth: transformation and growth kept in balance

In just six years Standard Life Wealth has acquired £6bn in assets, acquired another asset manager and won a clutch of industry awards for discretionary investment management. BITA star with monitor has been a key tool that has helped in their success story.

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