Wanting to build the very best products might well be a laudable goal but why would anyone not want a tool that is best in class?

This is not a rhetorical question and has to be given serious consideration. We did.

Examining our own track record we concluded that offering the best product to the market is sometimes not good enough to satisfy existing or potential customers. So we have made changes to our own product roadmaps and architectures.

In real world situations problems do not exist as individual events, to be solved in isolation from each other, with an almost near detached academic dispassion. Key front, middle and back office operations of financial services organisations all have to tie up together across their respective value chain of work flows and business processes.

There is no point having a tool in your business architecture that does not work well with all your other systems and processes. It will simply hamper your effectiveness and ability to execute, adding to the complexity and cost of your operations.

Specialists do not always make good team players and it is good teams that lay the foundation for success. Therefore, having the very best tool in your business architecture will only bring real benefit if it works well with all the other elements you have in place.

If we are going to build our products (and our business) on a strategy of solving very specific problems best, then we have to ensure that our products meet the additional hurdle that they also integrate (and work well with, scale & collaborate) best. And that’s what we did, and what we now continue to work on further.

It is what we call best+. Simply put, we aim to build software products that solve very specific problems in the best way possible but make sure they are architected and built to integrate and work with as many of the leading and other specialist niche software vendors and data providers in the market place. It is also reflected in the agile and targeted way we deliver our projects, especially to join up and embed our products into your business landscape.

best+ means that you are not buying a product that is closed or locked out from your own ecosystems of software and architectures, which might prohibit you from considering a best of breed option. A potential problem has now been turned around to open up a whole new set of possibilities.

By building to open and agile standards we have created product roadmaps that are inclusive and made ready to work with other systems. Where we do come across other products or data feeds that we have not worked with before, our architecture allows us to build those bridges quickly and with little fuss.

We would be pleased to tell you more about how best+ might help you succeed. Contact corfinancial today.